Spring Forth

Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

It is interesting that this world-wide pandemic is making a huge fuss right at the first sightings of spring. It seems counter-intuitive. We are faced with fear as green is beginning to appear. I really enjoy the beginnings of spring. I love to show my little guys the buds that are getting ready to burst. It’s exciting because we kind of know what’s going to happen. I know that what looks dead will grow into something beautiful. The little buds look like nothing, but as we experience the different seasons, we learn that the buds grow into beautiful extravagant flowers and leaves. We just don’t know the amount, height, color etc. I enjoy the anticipation and preparation spring brings. 

As I began to prepare the yard for spring, my son Logan looked at the rose bushes and said “They’re dead mom…why are they dead?” Quickly validating him I said, “Yes, they look dead, but pretty soon we will see beautiful flowers”. As the words were leaving my mouth, I was reminded that what can seem dead can actually produce a lot of life. I just can’t see it yet. This conversation happened before social distancing and quarantining were our reality. However, in God’s wonderful way, it was preparing me for what was going to happen.

When the fear of death surrounds us, God steps in giving us hope. Even though desperation and fear are gripping people, God is saying I will make a way for you. I will give you supply in the desert. I will do a new thing in a time of despair. I desire to hold you. Fear not! I encourage you to take time with God. Ask Him the hard questions that are surrounded by fear. He loves you! 

P.S. New growth is coming! We are here for you to pray, talk, or whatever is needed. Please reach out. You are not alone DevynDivineMinistries@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Spring Forth

  1. Thank you Devyn, for sharing the word in a beautiful experience of your day. Your intimacy with the Lord shared leads us to see and experience just how close our Father is!

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